Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Manzanillo, Mexico is located in the state of Colima on Mexico’s Golden Riviera, between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco on the Pacific coast. Manzanillo has become one of the country’s most important tourist resorts, and its excellent hotels and restaurants continue to meet the demands of both national and international tourists, with a year-round average temperature of 27 degrees C (80 F), it has the best climate of the West Coast, dryer than Puerto Vallarta and cooler than Acapulco.  The port in Manzanillo is now the largest port (by volume) in Mexico.  It is a deep water port and faces the orient.

Manzanillo Mexico consists of two bays with crescent-shaped Beaches, each about 4-miles in length. Bahia de Manzanillo is closer to downtown and is the older tourist section. Bahia de Santiago, to the west, is the newer and more upscale area. The two are separated by the Santiago Peninsula, a steep outcrop on whose slopes are some of the most Beautiful hotels. Ship channels are located at the southeast end of Bahia de Manzanillo where large ocean liners enter the port area. Manzanillo was once the scene of piracy and adventure. Nowadays, its peaceful bays and sophisticated tourist and port infrastructure have made it one of the main tourist resorts and trading centers in the west of Mexico.

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The beach close to our shop. The dogs love it.
The two bays that make up Manzanillo and a great bay for diving on the far left.
Manzanillo satellite latitude, longitude, Tropic of Cancer border and Equator